August Adoptive Fam :: The Eby Fam

Hey guys! We are so excited and honored to be August’s CTPA feature family! When we applied months ago we never dreamed we’d actually be chosen! So imagine my surprise when I saw an email from Kailey in my inbox a few months back! Our hopes are that through this month, we can share our hearts with you surrounding adoption and be a light to you every day. We call our story, our God story because, well… you will see ☺

Seth and I (Brittany) met at Shepherd University in January of 2010 when we were partnered up in an education class. He was so sweet and innocent and had the most gorgeous green eyes I’d ever seen. I made a big fool out of myself (we joke about this very often in the Eby household). Seth was an outspoken Christian and I claimed to be a Christian, yet lived as if God didn’t exist (cue as to why I said something inappropriate to him 2 minutes after I met him). I was also in a 5 year relationship at that point with someone else.

 And that was the end…until November of 2010 (I was single now) when we reconnected through me telling a little white lie so I could have an excuse to talk to him (this is inside joke #2 that I get picked on about often). It’s like a light bulb clicked and we each thought “I like Seth! I like Brittany!” We officially started dating on December 14, 2010. Our love for each other quickly grew as well as our love for and understanding of Jesus. God brought Seth into my life during a very low point and used him to lead me to Christ.

8 months later, we were camping at Raystown Lake with Seth’s family when he took me out on the lake one evening in his dad’s boat to do our daily devotions together. I don’t remember being suspicious, but hopeful since we’d been discussing marriage for some time. We read our devotional together as normal, but then he read Ephesians 5 to me (it’s all about marriage). I started to get anxious and thought, “maybe this is it!?” Then he read me a poem that he had written just for me. The last line read “It’s your favorite, a princess cut.” He was so nervous he couldn’t even get the box opened! Of course I said yes and couldn’t wait to get back to the campsite to call and tell everyone. We were so excited we even started the guest list that evening ☺ 

We were married 11 months later on July 14, 2012 at the church Seth grew up in. It was a beautiful time of worship and celebrating with family and friends. We have been married for 7 years now and continue to learn more about each other every day. It’s not always easy, because we are opposites, but we complement each other perfectly. Our friends even often refer to us as fire and ice. 

Fast forward almost 2 years later when we started seriously considering trying to conceive. I was all in! I was ready, but Seth was hesitant because he still hadn’t been able to secure a full time teaching position since we graduated college 2 years ago. He wanted to try to have children too, but also wanted to ensure he could provide for us all. It was a battle. He went through a few weeks of serious fasting and prayer and at the end, decided that we would trust God and try to have a baby. Within the next few days, Seth received 4 different requests for interviews! Guys, the very next day after we decided to trust God fully, he lined up teaching interviews! The result of those interviews was Seth securing a full time teaching position…praise God!

 4 months later we found out we were expecting our first child, but there’s a God story here too. I feared I wasn’t getting pregnant sooner because I worked in a very high stress environment. I was a PCA working with children who were very violent and aggressive. I spent my days being verbally and physically assaulted and constantly worrying that if I was pregnant I would lose my child. One day in November, I felt God was calling me to lay down this job, right at that very moment! I knew that if I became pregnant, I wasn’t safe. So I quit! And the very next cycle I was pregnant! Right around the time I quit, I would have conceived! God knew and he protected us.

Greyson Daniel was born on August 10, 2015 (6 days late) at 1:32 am after 2 days of labor. He was perfectly healthy and opened our hearts and minds to a love that we didn’t even know existed this side of Heaven. Today he is a super active, curious, imaginative, rambunctious, very social, almost 4 year old little boy. He loves reading, playing with vehicles, snuggling, wrestling his brother, claiming any living bug or insect as his pet, and playing at the park. 

We knew we wanted children who were about 2 years apart in age, so when Greyson was about 15 months old we started to try to have another baby. 2 cycles later, we were pregnant. We went in for my first appointment at about 11 weeks to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. We were all so excited! After maybe 10 minutes or so of looking with the doppler for the heartbeat with no success, they switched to their ultrasound machine. Still no heartbeat. By this time I’m fearing the worst, but trying to hold it together for Seth and Greyson. They had me go to the bathroom and empty my bladder so they could try an internal ultrasound next. I remember feeling so small while walking to the bathroom and just constantly crying out to God for my unborn child. To please not let me lose my child. For there to be life! I went back in the room and lay on the table, knowing what the midwife and nurses must be thinking. They were preparing for the worst. A few minutes later we heard a sound that must be just as lovely as the voices of angels, our child’s heartbeat! Our child was alive, but seemed to be measuring small, so they ordered an ultrasound at the hospital next door. Thankfully they could fit me in right away. After the longest wait ever, they called us back and began the ultrasound. Our baby was measuring perfectly and right on track! The heartbeat was strong and steady! Thank you Jesus! (Side note: we immediately had to rush to make our appointment to look at a potential home to purchase. We considered cancelling because of the stressful afternoon and knowing we would be late, but didn’t. That home just happens to be the home we live in today!)

Jenson Oliver was born on September 14, 2017 (his due date) at 6:54 am after a very short, but intense, 5 ish hours of active labor. Once again, our hearts expanded to a capacity we didn’t know was possible. All of the fears we had about being able to love him as much as his brother and to love 2 children and share ourselves disappeared the moment we held that baby boy. Today, Jenson is a very shy, smiley, cuddly, funny, and independent almost 2 year old. He loves to do whatever his older brother does, he loves to swing, play with vehicles, play outside, make you laugh, snuggle his doggy, and sleep. Our children are opposites, just like Seth and I are.

We always knew we wanted to adopt and planned to have 2 biological children and then adopt our 3rd child. We announced our adoption plans last October and immediately started fundraising. We completed our homestudy requirements in December and became an active family with CAC in January. Now, we are just waiting to be chosen and matched with an expectant mother. Our hopes are that we will welcome a daughter into our family sometime this year.


The Eby Family

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July Adoptive Family :: The Ingleston Fam

Hey y’all! We are the Ingleston family and we are so glad to have you here in this space with us. Our life as a family has been one crazy, unexpected blessing after another and we’re so honored to share our story with you! Anyone who knows us knows that we’ve always been the ones to “go against the grain.” We are somewhat (super duper, if you ask my mama) impulsive and when we have an idea, we’re ready to make it happen. That has truly set the tone for everything we’ve walked through as a family!Christian and I (Haley) met on Facebook, shout out to Mark Zuckerberg, and then went on our first date in February of 2015. I had just gotten out of a pretty toxic relationship and after that night I decided I wasn’t as ready to date. I needed to take some time to focus on myself. But after a few months, I was ready to move on and start dating again. I quickly reached out to Christian (late May) and he promptly responded with “Hey, I’m actually seeing someone and don’t like to text other women out of respect for her”. He’s always been such a dang gentleman and man was I beating myself up after reading that text. Well, what God has for us can not be stopped because less than two weeks later I got a text from him saying he was single again and asked if I was too. Hallelujah! In June of 2015 we went on what we call our second first date, in October of 2015 we were engaged, and by March of 2017 we were married!

Remember how I said we were impulsive? During our engagement we casually discussed wanting to foster or adopt one day. We were both on the same page, but didn’t know exactly what we would do, when we would get started, or how we would make it happen.

We were young (23 and 24) and had each racked up our fair share of debt that we both brought into our marriage. We were living in a little 1,000 sqft starter home, and I had just started graduate school. 

Three weeks after we got married I saw an advertisement for training classes to become foster parents and four months after that we were licensed foster parents!!!! We didn’t waste any time. November of 2017, 8 months after our wedding, we welcomed our first baby boy through foster care. He was 2 days old and we brought him home from the hospital without a single thing. We didn’t even know his name but he completely stole our hearts. He made us mommy and daddy and changed us in the best of ways. Unfortunately I can’t share much about his story due to confidentiality agreements, but what I can share is that “the system” did him a disservice. After 6 months of raising him as our own and being told adoption was only a matter of time, he was abruptly removed from our home. Our hearts were broken, our world was shaken, and our faith was tested on a level I never imagined possible. We were so broken and hopeless and had no idea what our next steps would be. One night we were lying in bed having a conversation about whether or not we wanted to continue to foster. I was so afraid to go through that pain again and I kept begging Christian to consider domestic infant adoption. For whatever reason, we didn’t feel called to try to conceive but we knew we weren’t done growing our family. After a bit of research (holy expensive) Christian said he just didn’t feel that it was in the cards for us at that time and that God would have to drop something in our laps in order to consider that any time soon. But remember, what God has for us we can’t stop….

TWO DAYS LATER my aunt called. She had met a woman that was homeless and living in a car parked in the parking lot at her job. She had been spending some time talking to her taking her breakfast and one morning she noticed a little “bump”. She asked her if she was pregnant and she said “yes.” My aunt then asked how she could help, if she had any plans for the baby, etc. The woman told her she didn’t know what she was going to do. She was in a tough spot mentally, had no stable living, and there was drugs involved. My aunt told her that we were foster parents and asked if she wanted to talk to me on the phone. I thought this conversation would consist of me telling her how the baby would be sent to a foster home, she would be given a case plan, and how she could work to get the baby back in her custody. Five minutes into the phone call, she stopped me and said “I just want the baby to have a normal life with good parents, will you adopt it?” “YES, absolutely, we would be honored” I quickly replied, then said, “oh wait, I need to call my husband”. 

We had no idea how far along she was, if there had been prenatal care, or what the gender or race of the child would be. We didn’t have a home study sufficient for domestic adoption nor did we have a clue what the process would consist of. Nevertheless, we put our yes on the table and received the sweetest surprise in return. What we thought was about a 6-month bump happened to be an 8.5-month bump. There was zero prenatal care, extensive drug use, and many mental and physical health concerns. All of that combined resulted in some very scary conversations with doctors encouraging my husband and I to “rethink” our decision. Statistically speaking, IF this child was born alive, the quality of life would be less than ideal. But still we pushed forward, dropped to our knees, and had this mama and baby covered in more prayer than you could imagine. May 17, 2018, after 3 days by Mama P’s hospital bed, we welcomed a perfectly HEALTHY baby boy, Elijah Cade! For the two weeks awaiting his birth and the 3 days spent at the hospital, we had the opportunity to love on Mama P and learn a bit about her. Sadly, after that, she decided to go her separate ways meaning we now have a closed adoption with Elijah.At this time we were still active foster parents and had started working towards transitioning a legal risk placement of a 10mo and 2yo boy into our home in hopes of adopting them as well. Again, the system failed them and in July they were moved to another home where they were eventually adopted. After the journey we had experienced in foster care we made the difficult decision to let our license go and no longer foster.

Still, we did not feel called to try to conceive; yet again, we knew we were not done.

October 2018 we announced that we would love to adopt (domestically) again. We had heard when pursuing domestic infant adoption that it was a long hard journey and this is why we decided to get started so quickly. We thought we would probably be blessed with another by the time Elijah was 2 years old or somewhere around that time. To much surprise, we were contacted by our attorney in February of 2019 and told that a mama was interested in getting to know our family. February 26, 2019 we were officially “matched” and on March 26, 2019 we welcomed our precious baby girl, Ava Jaymes. Her first mama helped us name her, loved on her alone in the hospital for the first 24 hours, and is still very involved in our lives. We have a beautiful open adoption with Mama A and are so grateful God gave us the courage to press forward despite all of the reasons why we shouldn’t. 


It may not have been the timeline we saw for our lives, but it’s so much greater. Having babies 10 months apart is challenging, no doubt. There are more diapers than I can count, someone’s always crying, and it takes an hour to get out the door, but when I look at the way Ava Jaymes looks up to Elijah or how he thinks kissing her head and giving her her paci is the greatest thing ever, I forget about the sleepless nights and long, hard days. They’re going to be the best of friends and we feel so honored and privileged to be entrusted with their sweet little lives. We really are living the dream!


The Ingleston Fam

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