June Adoptive Fam :: the Ceravolo Fam

Hi y’all! We are Paul & Morgan and we are so grateful you are here to learn about our family.
I’ll take ya back to the beginning… we met in 2009 at a mutual friends wedding and it was love at first sight.
We met in June, were in engaged in November and married the following October.
We both come from large families, both of us have 4 siblings. So we knew we wanted a large family and started pretty soon after we married to start a family. We learned early on that growing our family was going to take longer and be more difficult that we had ever imaged. We suffered with infertility and Morgan has endometriosis which can cause extreme pain and other issues, infertility being one of them. After 2 surgeries and multiple tests over the course of a couple years without success, we began to seek the Lord more on what He was calling us to.
Growing up I ( Morgan )had always wanted to adopt, my childhood best friend was adopted and I just assumed that would be part of my story at some point, I just assumed we would have biological children first and then adopt. But God, He knows so much better and even through the pain and unknown He has walked with us every step and I am forever grateful for this life. We started the process to adopt in 2015 and brought out son, Beckham, home that same year and oh what a joy and blessing that was and forever will be.
When Beckham was about 2 years old we felt to urge to grow our family once more. We naturally still had the desire for biological children as well as knowing we wanted to adopt again. We sought the Lord for a while on which path, and decided to try fertility treatments for the first time. After 2 unsuccessful IUI treatments we were broken hearted and turned to the Lord about what to do next.
We knew and KNOW that God has called our family to adopt and we have since decided to give up all extra efforts to conceive outside of a natural miracle from God. We know God has called us to adopt, we feel it is a calling and our true purpose in life, and what a high and honorable calling it is! We believe we will always desire and would love a pregnancy if that would be in God’s plan for our lives.
But at the end of the day we are so blessed and content in where He has us. That brings us to today, we are once again adopting and are officially home study approved and waiting to be matched!! We are so grateful for Kailey and Cheers To Plan A for creating this platform for adoptive families. Adoption is so beautiful and also so hard, in many aspects, financially being one. When we are given a space to allow us to share our story and this community to rally around and support us, I can’t put into words what that means.
We are so grateful to be the June Adoptive Family and are so thankful y’all have taken the time to learn more about our little family and support us through this process.
Paul, Morgan & Beckham 🙂
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April Adoptive fam :: The Edwards Fam

Hi everyone! We are Ryan and Bethany Edwards. We started the process of an infant domestic adoption in December 2017. We have currently been “active” for seven months, which means we could get matched any day! You are invited to walk alongside us in this journey, because we know that it is only with the support and prayer of those around us that we will ultimately call a baby our own. They say, “It takes a village to raise a child,” but it also takes a village to adopt one.
When I (Bethany) was eighteen, I was diagnosed with a hormonal abnormality that causes infertility. I had never really thought about adoption; in fact, I hadn’t ever really thought about being a mother before. After grieving the loss of my fertility with close family and friends, I began to think about the implications for my future. I researched the orphan crisis around the world and across the country. I learned that if one family out of every three churches in America adopted a child, there would be no more children in need of families in the United States (Hartford Institute for Religious Research). The more I learned, the more my heart broke for orphans. I couldn’t stand that there are children who think that they aren’t wanted, aren’t loved, aren’t worth it. And as I began to mature, the Lord unveiled another concept: that I myself am adopted (Eph. 1:5-7). So unworthy, so dirty, so poor, so disabled, so sinful… and He picked me. And I wasn’t a “last resort.” He chose me first and chose me forever.
I decided that I wanted to marry someone who wanted to adopt – and not just because I wanted to adopt, but because HE wanted to. On one of our first dates, Ryan told me about a family he met as a camp counselor at Sky Ranch. The family consisted of multiple adopted children, several with special needs. It was through this and similar experiences that he felt the Lord placing adoption on his heart. He shared this with me before he knew that I had any thoughts on adoption. We didn’t know a lot back then, but we knew we each felt a calling. All Christians are instructed to care for the orphan (Isaiah 1:17; Psalm 82:3-4; James 1:27), but Ryan and I are called to adopt the orphan. Individually, and now years later, as one.
After we got engaged, Ryan and I visited a doctor who specializes in my specific diagnosis. To our enormous surprise, she informed us that I had been misdiagnosed six years prior. She had no reason to believe that we would have any trouble conceiving. God used an infertility misdiagnosis to open my eyes and heart to my adoption as His child and His desire for me and Ryan to bring an orphan into our home. This new medical news did not change that.
Three years ago, we got married. Since then, we’ve been through new jobs, two moves, our first house purchase, two puppies, graduate school, church partnership, ministry leadership, and more laughter than I could have possibly imagined. When we decided that it was time to grow our family, there was no question in our minds that we would pursue an adoption.
 Although our adoption story may not be typical, it has given us a platform to tell our friends and family about the beauty and joy of adoption. We love sharing our story and showing others that adopting a child doesn’t have to be the last resort on the journey toward parenthood. We have already been blessed and encouraged by the adoption community and are excited to be lifelong friends with other families who share the desire to care for the orphan.
For an even more intimate picture into our adoption journey, you can head over to my blog at www.EdwardsExpanding.com. You can also check out a video of our story here!
Ryan and Bethany Edwards

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