the pursuit.


Good morning, friends. Your comments from the Be Brave series have been so good for my heart. It has been in my heart for some time now and I couldn’t wait to share all the stories of HIS faithfulness in the midst of what looks like not-so-great situations.

I literally want to pour every ounce of my heart out here…I just want to shout from the rooftops what OUR GOD is doing in my heart and the hearts of my friends. He is on the move, friends. He is wanting your heart. He is in pursuit of YOU. He wants YOU. He wants you to crawl in His lap and just sit. That’s where I am. I am resting there tonight. My heart is just so full, so full it just might burst. Not only is God pursuing me by speaking to me, He is pouring out His goodness, to me … I mean goodness gracious … He chased me down, all these years, to give me this gift wrapped so beautifully in the form of adoption {insert tears. yep. they are coming and they won’t stop} This little love is coming to me, all because He allowed this beautiful story to unfold and I get to be a part of it. And so, the pursuit of my heart continues…

Our birthmother {let’s call her W} is 31 weeks pregnant, yes, you read that right. 31 WEEKS!!! I am literally beside myself with excitement, fear, love, joy, and just-plain-ol-flat-out happiness. After talking with W, she believes Evie will come early, like 4 weeks early. So, yeah, friends… do the math. That’s only 5 weeks … Yeah, read that again. 5 weeks. In 5 weeks I very-well-could-be holding our precious miracle. She is so loved. She is always on my heart, oh so close to it. I dream about her, I long to see her little face, hands, and feet. I wonder so many things. Sometimes those things overwhelm me, then I feel The Pursuer of my heart calling me. Calling me into His presence and peace. I am there. I stay there until I pursuing His heart allows me to see His goodness all over again and in everything. See Him today, friends. See Him in everything. He is there.


I will leave you with some goodies for Evie love. I will post shops on IG later on if you are interested in where they came from. I just want to go lay in it all everyday, all day.


This is the size Evie is right now. Can’t believe how close we are to getting her home. #ComeOnEvieRose


Much love to each of you,


Puzzle fundraiser update!

We have just been so blessed by this fundraiser. So thankful for each friend, family member, and even people we’ve never even met for donating to help bring our baby home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will never be able to thank you enough.

We still have a lot of puzzle pieces so feel free to donate and share with others.

I will be updating soon about what’s been going on with us while we wait but in the meantime, we will be praying, preparing, and dreaming about our future baby!

Much love to each of you & have a fab night! 🙂


prayers for you

We were blessed last week to join other adoptive families in a seminar that Lifeline hosts to educate families on {open} adoptions. A birthmother shared her testimony & some wisdom on how to pray for our birthmother.

If our birthmother reads this, I want her to know the very specific things that we are praying, but I also want my friends and family to know how to pray for this very very special woman.

*Pray that she would be in the right place at the right time.

*Pray for her wellbeing and safety.

*Pray that she would know God’s unconditional love for her and her baby.

*Pray for her salvation.

*Pray that she follows God’s will.

*Pray that God would give her peace that passes all understanding.

*Pray that the Lord would surround her with an amazing support system.

*Pray for the pregnancy and delivery.

*Pray that she would make the perfect decision for her and her baby’s future.

*Pray for her after the placement takes place.

*Pray that she would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are the right adoptive family for her baby.

*Pray that she would grow in her faith and achieve the goals that she has for her life.

*Pray for her future family.

I love our birthmother even though I haven’t met her. She is going to trust us to raise, encourage, discipline, and smother with love her child she is placing with us. I feel like I am constantly praying for her, like every breath I take, I am lifting her up. I can’t imagine the sacrifices she is making daily to bring this child into the world. Just know, sweet birthmother, that you are loved more each day and you are in our prayers.



Baby B’s room {again}

To say I’m having fun would the understatement of the century — Here are some more pictures of the nursery!

We have another SNOW DAY tomorrow, so we are planning on working some more in baby b’s room.

Taaa Daaa!!! —- The Bedding & Crib!!

{I just tried to link up my bedding to Pottery Barn, but it looks like it’s not available anymore. They do have some really cute uni bedding available for those of us that are adopting or not finding out the sex of the baby in your belly!}

The crib, as well as the dresser, are from Target. You can find them here and here.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


I already have some other things in the works for the rest of the room. A crib mattress and changing pad are definitely on the list, as well as some fun things. I will definitely be posting more very soon.

Stay safe and warm! Much love 🙂

Baby B’s room update!

Lots of stuff is going on in the baby’s room, for sure. Seriously, so exciting.

While I was working on the puzzle fundraiser tonight, the hubs was working on putting the dresser together {it was a beast!} The crib is next!

Here he is, just a workin’… What a good man!


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Finished product!

I am going to put pacifiers in one of the glass containers & burp cloths in the other.{Or maybe little hats, haven’t decided yet.}

What do you think?!?

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow! I am out of school, thus, why I am up this late.

Much love!

Puzzle Fundraiser! :)

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Check out the tab at the top of the blog for more details! 🙂

Much love!

livin’ the dream

No, really, this is a dream of mine. I am preparing for our baby! Ah! I can’t even believe I’m finally saying those words. I am in awe. I’m in awe of this process, our journey, and most of all, my God.

We registered today!!! And we bought the stroller travel system!!! Very excited, to put it mildly. To say that I’ve been waiting on this day is a huge understatement. I have been wanting to prepare for a baby to come into our home for 5 years now. To be here is just unreal.

When the women told me congratulations before we started “shooting” things with a gun, I thought to myself… well she thinks I have a baby in my belly. I didn’t even think about correcting her, because get this…. I am expecting, just not in my belly! 🙂 I’m PAPER PREGNANT! {{{More on that later}}}

The Lord’s plans are better than we can even imagine and I am all up in the middle of it.

I wanted to share some pictures of some things we got today and some things that were on my heart, obviously. {see above}

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

living the dream 4



As always, thanks for your love, prayers, and support! We are so grateful for each of you! 🙂


Things for baby

We were so totally blessed this Christmas with things for us, but more importantly, things for baby. Our family and friends are so amazing. This baby is so loved already.

We have picked out the crib, stroller/carrier, and baby bedding. Needless to say, that’s what we will be using ALL those gift cards for. {My parents are the greatest!!!}

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Check out the loot we have here…..

Can’t wait to see a baby in this room, wearing all of these clothes, and playing with these toys!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Much love, peeps!


They’re here…. they’re here!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

That’s right, all four profiles are here at the house. And, boy, do they look awesome. I will definitely be using Shutterfly again. They came three days early and they look perfect. The only thing Dru said when I texted him was: #favor. {And, yes, he did text me a hashtag, because it’s hilarious.}  I couldn’t agree with him more. The Lord has been showing Himself evident in every step of this process.

Once we hand these off to our social worker, she will be able to show them to birthmothers. This is the part of the process that calls for waiting. I should be really good at this by now, but I know God is going to continue to grow us and teach us as we move through this season of life. He has never failed to teach me through the other trails that we’ve been through, so why would He stop now?

I will begin counting the months once we turn in the profiles. I want to document the days/months of waiting on our baby.

This baby is growing so near to my heart. I am just too excited to meet him or her. After Christmas, we are going to really work on the nursery, which makes me giddy. Dreams are being fulfilled, people. That’s what God does, maybe it’s not how we pictured, but it’s most certainly the best.

My God is good.

Merry Christmas!



And just like that…

We are done with all three homestudies… umm.. I’m sorry, do what?

Yes, you heard correctly. Our profiles will be in by Dec. 24 and our social worker will start showing our profile to birthmothers.

I told some of my co-workers today that it’s gettin’ real. Like it could actually happen. We have had a list a mile long and have just been so focused on that, and it’s been all about checking things off. Now, we can actually be chosen! Ah! I  have crazy butterflies in my tummy knowing that we are getting closer and closer to our baby.


My heart could seriously explode.

Thanks again for all the prayers prayed tonight and everyday for us. We are so grateful for each of you.

I’ll leave you with the picture on the last page of our profile.

and just like that

I know, well played.