January Adoptive Family:: The Warren Family

My husband, Kyle, and I met in 2006 in college. We dated and became engaged in 2009.
We had our dream wedding in front of family, friends and God in 2010. Kyle and I have
always wanted to expand our family to include children. We both come from family oriented
backgrounds. We enjoy traveling with our families, going on road trips together and
spending nights at home together. We have gone through many ups and downs throughout
our journey to expand our family.

Beginning in March 2013, Kyle and I decided that it was time to expand our family. After alittle over of year of trying on our own with no success we sought medical advice. We spent
the Summer of 2014 having numerous fertility tests ran which were unable to diagnose the
cause of our infertility. We then expanded our search to a larger hospital which began to
target the cause. In September 2014, we were referred to a nationally renowned fertility
specialist in another larger city. This increased our drive time to our doctor which meant that
we had to take more time off work in order to make it to our appointments. We investigated
the cause of our infertility. We were also referred to another specialist in that same large city
for Kyle’s fertility needs. Kyle had an invasive surgery completed in March 2015. This
surgery kept Kyle out of work for a month but we were still optimistic of our chances to
expand our family.

In the May 2015, we completed our first round of IVF using hormone shots to increase my
egg development. After the retrieval, two embryos were transferred. Following the wait
period and learning to administer intramuscular injections which were used to increase our
success rate, we learned that our first attempt of IVF failed. We were heartbroken but knew
that we had to try again. So we once again met with our fertility specialist who had a plan of
action. This plan was to increase my hormone intake and to add another more potent
hormone. This would increase our success rate. So we began the IVF process again. We
transferred two embryos this time. After the wait period, we finally got the phone call. We
heard those words, “Sara, you are pregnant!!” The tears quickly ran down my face. I didn’t believe my doctor. I responded with, “Are you sure?” She said, “Yes!” We had promised
one another we would not tell anyone. But the news was too overwhelming not to share. We
quickly called our sets of parents and shared the news. Then came the second blood test a
few days later, the phone call that evening was not the same. We were no longer pregnant. As tears once again flowed, my doctor explained that we had been pregnant but it was
called a chemical pregnancy, which meant that the embryo wasn’t strong enough to
continue to grow. We were devastated and didn’t know what to do. We began to take more
time to ourselves, to go on more trips and finally decided to sell our first home together. We
wanted to expand but wanted to take a break from the medical talk, heartbreak, physical
strain of the hormones and injections, mental strain of the medical jargon and the emotional
strain of the up and down emotions.

In the summer of 2016, we decided to start investigating Artificial Insemination with a donor.
After searching this avenue as well, we found that it wasn’t the right way for us to go. We
decided that the idea of the actual pregnancy wasn’t what was important to us. Having a
healthy baby and expanding our family was what was important to us.

We continued to hear of friends adopting babies and began to pray about God’s plan for us. We sold our home and found our new home. It was much larger and ready for an expanded family. It also had a backyard for our dogs and the perfect location for a swing for our future family. We began to have talks about what was next. Kyle said that he felt led toward adoption. I agreed. We decided to get advice from our friends who had been through it. Then we started investigating agencies that would be the right fit for us.

As we started our adoption journey, we have seen God’s light shine on us. We have found
an agency which meets our needs and we feel like family. We completed our initial
homestudy in the Summer of 2017. Then we began working with our agency on our parent
profile book. Our nursery is complete and we pray every day for our little one. Each day, we
both feel God throughout this process was leading us to adoption. We have a wonderful
church family which we found after moving to our new home. We became connected with
our church when we started the adoption journey. There are so many friends of ours
through church who have been through similar situations. We feel the love of God and
prayers from our family and friends daily. Through it all we have become stronger together
with a lot of prayer and family support.

Please continue to pray for our journey!
Kyle & Sara Warren

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