November Adoptive Family:: The Douglas Family

We are Brian and Heather, and together, with our new daughter, Remi, we make up Team Douglas! We got married on a chilly day in September 2014, after about a year of dating and engagement. As part of the pre-marriage discussions, adoption was always talked about as a way that we wanted to grow our family. Heather had a desire to adopt since she was a teenager, and Brian has two sisters who were adopted, so he had gotten to experience the blessing of adoption in his own family.

The questions about kids came pretty much right after the honeymoon, and Heather always answered that she envisioned starting a family 3–5 years into marriage. Well, a couple years in, and we both felt ready! We decided to try for a biological kiddo first since we weren’t getting any younger, and planned to adopt our second or third kid. Well, as He often does, God had different plans, and after about six months of trying to get pregnant moved both our hearts to seek adoption as Plan A for creating our family.

So we signed on with Christian Adoption Consultants in January 2018, and started the long process of the home study and fundraising. After a few months, our home study was complete, and we were a waiting family.

Around 9:45pm on May 14, after presenting to just two different expectant mamas, we got the call that we had been chosen by a mother in Arizona who was due in October. We were surprised to have been matched so early in the process, and were also a bit shocked by how early in the pregnancy we were matched. We were prepared for a “stork drop” or some other speedy scenario, so to have five months before the baby was even due felt so strange!

Of course, it turned out to be a huge blessing because in July we had the opportunity to go to Arizona to meet the expectant mother, and after a few hours over coffee, knew that God was totally in our match. She was incredible, and we enjoyed writing letters and praying for her specifically over the next couple months.

We headed down to Arizona for a second time at the beginning of September, as mama predicted her labor would go early and fast, and she wanted us to be there for it. After a grueling week and a half of waiting in the Arizona heat, we got the call that mama was in labor, and we got to meet our beautiful daughter at 12:32pm on September 17.

Being there for labor and delivery was an amazing experience, and the weeks we spent in Arizona after the birth, though long, were a gift to get to know Remi’s birth family better. Since being back (just a month!), we’ve loved exchanging texts with Remi’s “tummy mommy” as well as sharing photos via Facebook and celebrating her birthday with her. We cannot wait to see how our relationship continues to unfold and how Remi will get to be loved on by her first family as she grows!

So we got our baby girl just four days after our fourth wedding anniversary… we’d say that’s as close to 3–5 years as you can get! 🙂 And our journey to parenthood was nine months… just instead of morning sickness and stretch marks and labor it was marked by paperwork and fundraising and labor of a different kind. We’re so grateful that this is how God saw fit to write our family’s story. We can’t imagine our family without Remi and her first family, and although adoption is fraught with brokenness and pain, it also holds so much redemption, hope, and sacrificial love.

Thanks for letting us share a bit of our story, and make sure to follow along on Instagram as we fundraise this month! We’re so grateful for the ways God has provided financially and otherwise on this journey, and we’re excited to see Him continue to do so!


The Douglas Fam

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