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Hey! We are Aaron and Kristin Sorenson. We are the parents to two little kiddos through adoption, Jonas (2.5 years) and Lany ((Lane-y) 3 months)!

When I (Kristin) grew up, my neighbors had grown their family through adoption. Seeing their family’s openness to adoption was how the Lord first opened my eyes to adoption. When our neighbors adopted their second child, a little girl from China, I was so excited and loved to spend time with her. After this, I can’t remember a time not wanting to adopt when I grew up! I imagined my future with kiddos from different countries, from the US and around the world, and that was just my vision.

When my husband and I got married 6 years ago we weren’t sure how we wanted to grow our family initially. We discussed what we’d “like to do first” (which is funny now!): biological children, adopting domestically or fostering to adopt. At the time we didn’t qualify for any out of country adoptions as we had not been married a year yet! ☺  My husband never was opposed to adopting, initially however, he didn’t have the same heart as I did for it. So we pursued pregnancy in hopes of growing our family that way first. A year and a half later, I was diagnosed with PCOS, which is a fairly common disorder that can cause infertility and was the reason I had been unable to get pregnant naturally. I was not overcome with sorrow at this diagnosis, only because of the vision I had as a child and still had as an adult…. that I wanted to grow my family through adoption…. that’s where my heart was. I wanted to be there for a child that needed a home.

I (Aaron) agreed with this. Hearing the news that Kristin had PCOS was for sure not what we were hoping for but for us it confirmed that adoption was the route to pursue to grow our family. We didn’t really know where to start but thankfully knew another family that had adopted and we followed their path (quite literally as we used the same consultant and funny enough matched through the same agency as them!). We started the adoption process early 2015 and became active with an adoption consultant in October 2015. After that we experienced a number of failed matches. We felt discouraged and heartbroken, wondering if we would ever become parents. I remember when the first failed match occurred, I thought, “No way… I’ve heard of this happening but this can’t be our story.” We were left heartbroken again and again.

We read scripture to bring us courage and really clung to this verse: “I would have lost heart, unless I believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”  Psalm 27:13. It’s the verse we have on a letterboard in our house, a reminder that we don’t need to lose heart, we will see God’s goodness.

On May 4th, 2016 I (Kristin) got a call that a boy had been born the day before, and that we were matched with him. He was our son! Tears of joy. I’m getting choked up just typing that. I’ll never forget the swell of my heart and rise of emotions. We couldn’t wait to fly to Florida to meet him!

This is our boy – Jonas. Our little joy bomb and Elmo lover. How did this little 5-pound baby become a 33-pound chunky 2-year-old? We can’t imagine our lives without him.  We would go through all the pain and loss a million times if it meant him in our family and us with him!

When Jonas was a year old we decided we’d like to try to adopt again. This time we decided to go directly through the agency that our consultant matched us with for Jonas’ adoption. We completed a new home study and a few months later we found out we’d be moving to Sweden for a few months for my husband’s job. We were SO excited for the opportunity, as we wanted to go, but also were a bit nervous knowing that we’d be putting our adoption on hold and knew we’d see many opportunities to adopt where we’d have to say “no”. When we were in Sweden we had someone give us a word they believed was from God: “There’s a package on the way.” I wanted to assume this meant a baby was on the way, but when our first adoption held some failed matches etc., I didn’t want to be too hopeful for this adoption to go so smoothly. When we returned to the United States from Sweden we kept thinking about that word and wondering if it would come to in fact be a baby…Was there a baby somewhere growing that would join our family? Yes, in fact there was! Mother’s Day weekend we got the call that we were matched with a little girl due in July, in believe it or not, Florida. Again!! ☺ We were ecstatic and overjoyed at this wonderful news and joyfully shared with our family about the hope of a little girl joining our family! Our daughter Lany was born July 12th, 2018 and she is such a little peanut. Her features are so delicate and petite and the noises and coos she’s starting to make are so soft and sweet. I feel like that is something already so distinct in her demeanor. We are so honored to be a part of her family and so very grateful God allowed us to grow our family through adoption again.

About 2 weeks before this little girl was due, I got an email from Kailey from Cheers to Plan A Adoption that we had been chosen to be the featured family in October and we would be the first featured family that already would have the child with us in our home! We are so thankful for this opportunity to be featured and have been so blessed by it already.   

Adoption is something so complex. Just as our children are so different, their stories are so different, their families are so different, their adoptions are so different….the list goes on! We won’t claim to be experts in adoption, on how to go about it or how to talk about it, but we will say that we feel so completely humbled and HONORED that their birth families and our Father God would allow us to be weaved into their stories. What an incredible, magnificent gift that definitely isn’t lost on us.  

We pray where you are in your journey that as God’s word says…. You wouldn’t lose heart, remembering that you WILL see God’s goodness. Praise Him for that.

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The Sorenson Family


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