birkeland family update: now what?

it’s been two weeks since we found out that I am not pregnant and I want to share what happened in my heart over the course of last month.

I think I shared in one of the live fb videos I did that I didn’t plan on sharing our journey this time around. I thought that we would just precede with everything and then share when we were finally pregnant. But I was assured my the Holy Spirit that I must share. I had a lot of reservations as to what people’s reactions would be to us taking steps to a biological child now after adopting. And let me just say, those were lies from the enemy that I let my heart believe. Every single comment, text, email, and call I received was supportive and loving. {we have the best support system!!}

As I read each comment, it’s like the Lord was removing every lie I had believed, one by one. I found healing by sharing. I have seen this happen so many times, not sure why I didn’t think it wouldn’t happen this time. Obedience precedes blessings.

During the course of all the meds and such last month, I told Dru that if I’m not pregnant then I am experiencing this and sharing it for someone else. I knew deep down in my spirit that I was not pregnant…. so whoever is in the midst of something out of your control but taking steps of obedience as the Lord leads; I’m here for you. I see you. I get you. please reach out, tell someone of the struggle. Do not do this alone.

Now for what’s next..

I talked with my nurse after the negative pregnancy test to see what they believed would be the next step. Basically, there was nothing abnormal about anything during the cycle, so we would do the same course of treatment. So that’s where we are. We talked last night and I feel peace about not doing an IUI next cycle. That means we would still do the meds/monitoring.

I am not sure when we will start again, but I am gaining more and more peace about what to do. We would love your prayers to surround our family.

specific prayers:

1:: prayers for peace as we make next step decisions.

2:: prayers that Dru and I would continue to grow closer together/our marriage would become even stronger even in the midst of making a lot of decisions/doc appt/meds/the fact that the drugs most definitely alter my moods/emotions 🙂

3:: prayers that when I do become pregnant for a healthy babe & uneventful pregnancy.

4:: prayers for me to use my time and words wisely. also that the Lord would continue to allow me to speak/minister to women in the midst of struggle and waiting.

Thank you {as always} for reading and loving us so well. If you are entering into the world of infertility and/or adoption, I would love to chat with you and help you in anyway I can. shoot me an email {} or come join me over on IG {@kbirkeland}

Much love,



  1. Love you, KB ❤️❤️

  2. Diane Kiser says:

    Stay strong in Your faith, God is with us always & through all journeys.

  3. Ali Maloney says:

    Love you so much friend! You are amazing!

  4. Praying for 🙏y’all sweet girl!! You’re definitely one of my sheroes!! 👀I so love❤ your raw courage! May God continue ❤to bless you and Dru during this awesome❤ journey. What a Blessed📿 woman of God you are to be such a blessing to so many even as you go thru! I am blessed to have this shared to me! Grateful for you hearing God’s peacefulness and shutting down old slew foot! To God be the glory for what’s going on behind the scene! Believing and standing on God’s promises with you guys!!! Here for y’all!! Kiss 💋our lil Rose for us!!🌹
    We Love you much, Brinson & Ann😙😙😙

  5. Crissy Benton says:

    Keep going, Mama. This is your time.

  6. Janet Jacobs says:

    Much love and prayers from our family to yours.
    – David & Janet Jacobs, Andrew Kenney

  7. oh friend! Sending you lots of love <3

  8. Laura Mclain says:

    I have all those same prayers for myself. God is so good and I never doubt that he has great things ahead for both of us. I will be making an appointment soon at ART. So we can walk this road together sister!

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