Evie’s Adoption Day!

Can I just say first of all, court and such things make me want to crawl into the closet, put my hands over my ears, and cry. I do not like the pressure or the unknown. Or being called on and not knowing the answer. So, I was a mess from the time I woke up until we left the courthouse. I was anxious, helpless, and excited all rolled into one mess of a mama.

I texted multiple friends the night before and morning of to see what I might could expect. I needed reassurance that I was dressed appropriately, I had all my affairs in order, and that we would not be questioned as if we were on trial. Of course, my friends assured me that our outfits were going to be perfect for the occasion and that in their experience it was a super laid back. And they were right. We couldn’t have had a more amazing experience.

First, we took pictures…. Those are some happy and blessed parents and one precious little girl!

Mom and Dad joined us, of course. And two friends of ours, both named Rachel. Thanks girls for your love and for these amazing pictures.



After we took the oh-so-important family pictures, we found out we were first in line because we drove the farthest. Great news for us! We happily wrote more checks to our lawyer, and waited to be called in.

We walked in, sat down, and our lawyer asked us to say our name and address. Next, the judge asked us a few questions about our jobs and then we began to talk about Highlands. {#iloveourchurch} A couple of minutes later, he took something from behind his throne {not sure what you call it ;)} It was a mini stuffed NEW YORK LIFE bear. He gave it to Evie and wanted to hold her. It was a series of moments I will never forget. 


That babe that is filling this mama’s arms that were empty for so long is loved and wanted more than she’ll ever be able to comprehend.

And now she’s *officially* A D O P T E D by her Momma and Daddy!

Much love,



  1. Sherry Aaron says:

    Throne…….you’re just precious. Try bench. He would probably like throne, though. Judge Junkins was amazing. I feel the same way about court. Good thing I’ve only been a court reporter for 30 years and you didn’t follow in my footsteps. Love you. This was an amazing, God-appointed, -planned, -designed day.

  2. This post just makes my day!!!

  3. Praise to the Lord for his goodness and always knowing when to show up!!!!! Love the picture of Evie with her little mouth open. Absolutely precious!!!! What a gift from God!!!

  4. We are so happy for you and Dru and Evie!

  5. Girl, this is absolutely beautiful!! I am so so happy for you guys and especially that sweet little doll. She now has a forever loving home, and feels a emptiness within your heart. I love how you explained what it was like.

    • Kailey Birkeland says:

      Thank you so much, friend!! Yes! The emptiness is definitely filled by her sweet little self! 🙂 🙂

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