Be Brave Enough to be Yourself by Wynne

Hey yall, my name is Wynne and I’m so honored to be on Kailey’s blog today!  Kailey and I have gotten to 10346225_746673415364228_623299550644194472_nknow each other through an incredible ministry the Lord has entrusted to a few of us called The Carry Camp.  The Carry Camp is all about supporting, walking alongside of, and “carrying” the burdens of fellow sisters who are walking the path of infertility.  I myself have been walking this road for over 6 years, and in the process my husband Stephen and I adopted our two precious kiddos, Camp and Asher, from Ethiopia.  Our story is still being written and I believe the best is yet to come.

“she who is brave is free” 

she who is brave is free.  I can read that quote and think “i’m not brave”, but I can also look at that quote and think I want to be FREE.

lately for me, when I think about being brave my mind immediately turns to vunerability.  Vunerability, or “daring greatly” as Brene Brown says, means “the courage to be vulnerable.  It means to show up and be seen.  To ask for what you need.  To talk about how you are feeling.  To have the hard conversations”.  and oh friends, that to me is so BRAVE.

To give you some context, we are 8 months into a transition to a new city, new home, new school, new neighborhood, new church, new community.  I’ll never forget one of the first Monday nights at core group telling the girls how much I craved this real community, and at the same time being terrified to really open up and be my true self.  See, I have been terrified most of my life to be my true self.  What if no one liked me?  What if they didn’t approve of what I said or did?  What if they didn’t want to be around me?  These were all questions I monologued inside my head until one Monday night, my friend Shauna interrupted me and simply said: Wynne, we love you for you.  

It was that simple.  The freedom to hear from a friend that it didn’t matter what I “did”, who I was, what I could or couldn’t offer them, who I knew, or how much I had….these friends loved me simply for who I was as a daughter of the most high king.  Truly that gave me the courage to start being brave with my life.  Suddenly taking risks to practice this so called vulnerability wasn’t so hard when I wasn’t “husting for my worth” all the time.  I could just be me.

Being me includes: not having the house spotless clean when we are having friends over for dinner, it includes crying for the second time this month in front of my neighbor as she prays with me or brings me brownies.  Being me includes sharing my deepest fear and insecurity and not fearing being judged, or even if that fear is there – to share anyway.  Being brave enough to be myself is something I want to continue to practice, something I hope we all can desire. 

I’ve walked through so many different seasons in my adult life, as we all have and I can look back and strongly agree that without sharing in my heartache, joy, needs, and prayers that I would have robbed myself and others of the blessing of community and friendship.  Through our two year adoption process, and the six years we’ve been struggling through infertility I’ve had a lot of opportunity to walk this out with people around me.  There have been times I’ve shut people out, and times I swung wide the door and I can honestly say that no matter how painful or sometimes akward it was to open myself up to being known by others, it was totally worth it every time.  

I want to create these safe spaces to be known, connect, and belong in my life: I call them “haven making”.  This idea of “haven making” is becoming so central to who I am and how God has gifted me and I want to share it with others.

I want to shout from the rooftops: BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO BE YOURSELF, and not only to BE yourself but to LOVE yourself and receive that love from others.  I think Brene Brown was right on when she said, “owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do”

I dare you.  Love yourself, be yourself, show who you are to those you walk in community with.  Lets do it together, let’s be brave!

Wynne Elder
“Now to Him who is ABLE to do FAR MORE abundantly than ALL we ask or think, according to the POWER at work within us, to HIM be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. amen” Ephesians 3:20-21


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