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Hi new friends! I’m Chelsea and I blog over at Trials Bring Joy. I love blogging about turning the pain of C_Ritchie1infertility into a purpose, joy-filled life. I became a Mrs. to Josh in 2005 and we have a furbaby named Cali who is an incredible joy to us! I love to read, try new foods, embrace the sunshine, visit coffee shops around town and spend time in the bathtub. I have been learning a LOT about waiting over the last 6 years as we have tried to expand our family and still have yet to perfect the art of patience. In it all though, I have experienced a God who is close, present, faithful and ultimately so good. I was honored when Kailey asked me if I wanted to talk about being brave on her blog today! Kailey has been an amazing God-given friend to me over the last few years and it fills me with excitement to be a part of her story as well. Thanks Kailey!!!


bebrave-2Be brave.

No thank you.

That seems to be the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about being brave. Every ounce of me wants to push that word away because with it comes the assumption that you have a reason to need to be brave. And in my experience, those reasons usually have nothing to do with anything I want. Sometimes I think life would be easier if there was no need to be courageous or to have to conquer a mountain that seems unclimbable.  At least I initially think that way. But then I look back over my life, at the moments where I have had to choose to be brave and pick myself off the floor and keep climbing, that I realize that I wouldn’t trade those climbs for anything. It’s been in those climbs where my muscles have become developed, where I have felt the Lord most closely, and where I have had to turn to Him every step of the way in order to keep going.

But still, I don’t want to have to be brave.

I don’t want to experience another miscarriage. I don’t want to be forced with another failed monthly cycle or hear the words “negative” one more time. I don’t want to open the doors to a path I never imagined walking. I don’t want to step out in faith, I would really rather stay in my cozy spot here, on the couch, and just let the blessings and good things roll in.

Let’s be honest, it rarely happens like that, does it? Most days I have no other option than to turn to God, allow Him to help me pick myself up and put one more foot in front of the other. I have investigated this word, brave, over and over again, defining what it means for me in my story. In the end I have learned that for us, it means to trust in the Lord, no matter what, when I understand and when I don’t; to submit to Him when I don’t feel like His plan is very “good” and to have faith, blind faith, that His hand is large enough to carry me and all my messy emotions and plans. (Proverbs 3:5-6 is a great go-to verse!)

It’s so hard. Being brave, or trying to at least, when you keep getting knocked down is tough but I have never regretted standing back up. I am humbled to even linger in the same sentence as the word “brave” because it seems like such a big, mighty word. But as I continue to comb through it, I am realizing that being brave means you spend a lot of time on your knees, crying out to Him and leaning on His strength.

We are going to survive this life – we are going to get through the toughest of battles and if you are a fellow follower of Christ like me, then we are going to spend eternity with the bravest of them all. I have so much to learn about being brave but I am learning it face down, my heart laid before Him, asking Him to help me stand back up so that I can see where He is in this larger-than-me story. And you know what friends? He is so good and faithful in providing the strength to be brave.

I once thought practice made bravery more possible but I have learned that our attitude and willingness to trust God is what makes bravery more possible. So today, instead of pushing off that word, I am going to embrace it, along with the opportunities to be brave, regardless of what that looks like and regardless of my will, because in the end, He is good and His glory will shine throughout the world.

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  1. I love both of you! I agree, our attitude and willingness make bravery possible! So thankful that HE makes us brave!

  2. So wise!

  3. JDillon says:

    Thank you for this beautiful post. I relate to you SO very much and it feels like a big comforting hug to hear these words! We ARE brave thanks to our beloved, almighty Father! God bless you and I pray for continued strength and joy your journey 🙂

  4. “I once thought practice made bravery more possible but I have learned that our attitude and willingness to trust God is what makes bravery more possible.”

    I am combo through this myself, dear friend. I do love this. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks I needed hear this today


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