the pursuit.


Good morning, friends. Your comments from the Be Brave series have been so good for my heart. It has been in my heart for some time now and I couldn’t wait to share all the stories of HIS faithfulness in the midst of what looks like not-so-great situations.

I literally want to pour every ounce of my heart out here…I just want to shout from the rooftops what OUR GOD is doing in my heart and the hearts of my friends. He is on the move, friends. He is wanting your heart. He is in pursuit of YOU. He wants YOU. He wants you to crawl in His lap and just sit. That’s where I am. I am resting there tonight. My heart is just so full, so full it just might burst. Not only is God pursuing me by speaking to me, He is pouring out His goodness, to me … I mean goodness gracious … He chased me down, all these years, to give me this gift wrapped so beautifully in the form of adoption {insert tears. yep. they are coming and they won’t stop} This little love is coming to me, all because He allowed this beautiful story to unfold and I get to be a part of it. And so, the pursuit of my heart continues…

Our birthmother {let’s call her W} is 31 weeks pregnant, yes, you read that right. 31 WEEKS!!! I am literally beside myself with excitement, fear, love, joy, and just-plain-ol-flat-out happiness. After talking with W, she believes Evie will come early, like 4 weeks early. So, yeah, friends… do the math. That’s only 5 weeks … Yeah, read that again. 5 weeks. In 5 weeks I very-well-could-be holding our precious miracle. She is so loved. She is always on my heart, oh so close to it. I dream about her, I long to see her little face, hands, and feet. I wonder so many things. Sometimes those things overwhelm me, then I feel The Pursuer of my heart calling me. Calling me into His presence and peace. I am there. I stay there until I pursuing His heart allows me to see His goodness all over again and in everything. See Him today, friends. See Him in everything. He is there.


I will leave you with some goodies for Evie love. I will post shops on IG later on if you are interested in where they came from. I just want to go lay in it all everyday, all day.


This is the size Evie is right now. Can’t believe how close we are to getting her home. #ComeOnEvieRose


Much love to each of you,



  1. Brings tears to my eyes!! Evie Rose is already loved by so many people! Honored to serve such an amazing God who loves us so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. It’s crazy how close you are to meeting your baby girl, holding her, and bringing her home!! I can.not.wait for that moment!

    Those items are all sooo cute too!

  3. Can’t wait to meet Evie Rose and know that she is in her mama’s arms at last! You’re going to be an amazing mom.

    • Kailey Birkeland says:

      Sweet Jessah! Thank you for being so so awesome! And… How about how close your little man is to being in your arms?? I am over the moon for you!!! Yay for promises being fulfilled. Love you, girl!

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