be brave.

“And…I am back in the game!” {Name that movie.}

Being back means I need to say thanks to a few fabulous and beautiful women. The super talented and super kind Danielle Burkleo designed the new blog and the equally talented and super kind, Mary Hess made it all work correctly and put everything in it’s spot. Bless her sweet heart. At one point, Mary and I had an email thread going that had over one hundred conversations. She’s a good woman.

This place means so much to me. I feel overwhelmed with joy to be able to write here. God has placed so many things on my heart and I *hope* to share to encourage you, challenge you, but ultimately point you to Him.

I wanted to start fresh and what better way to do that than start a fab new *blog series*. Some of you might be wondering what in the world that is… let me explain. First, after much prayer and thought, the series will be called, Be Brave. I will ask a friend to share about how they are being brave with the story God has written for them. It might be infertility or adoption related, or something else. I plan to share a story at the beginning of each month, so this MONDAY you will hear from a precious friend of mine. You do not want to miss hearing her heart, believe me. You can find the posts by clicking on the ‘Be Brave’ tab or the ‘Be Brave’ graphic like the one below.


As always, much love and thank you so much for reading!



  1. Girl! It looks FABULOUS! Love the new blog and so pumped for your new series!!! Honored to be on this journey to motherhood with you! Cheers to being brave!

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