baby b is coming {part 3}

And here we are, the third and final installment on our journey to Evie Rose. My heart has loved reading these posts again. I love going back and reading about the faithfulness of our Father.

On Dec. 30th, Dru and I made the trip up to IL to see our precious birth family. We, of course, stopped at CFA first. Gotta have that chicken and DDP! Yes, serious issues over here.

We traveled up through Bham {we live here now} which meant a stop at our fave coffee spot. Their coffee is always on point.

Before we went over to Grammie’s house, {that’s our birthmother’s grandmother’s name}, we went to the hotel to check in/change clothes. Here we are, ready to go meet everyone face-to-face. Each of us had said over and over again… “We feel like we’ve known each other forever!”


I told our birthmother that I was definitely going to cry when I hugged her for the first time. She wasn’t surprised because she had already seen me cry a minimum of 20 times. When we pulled up to in the driveway, I was full of emotion, but mostly pure joy and excitement.

Then came the hug….


I mean, what do you say to the precious woman that is going to let you be the momma to the baby growing inside her belly? What do you do for her? How do you say thank you? How many times do you say it? I wanted to tangibly show her how much I love and respect and just pure adore her, but honestly, I do not know how that could be done. She is forever our hero and Evie’s hero. She will be loved and talked about as such…forever.  

After hugging everyone, we made our way inside and Grammie offered us something to drink and said to just make ourselves at home. If you are hungry, grab something, if you are thirsty, grab something to drink. {She had bought our favorite drinks, I might add.} She heard me mention our favorite drinks one time when we were Facetiming.

Then, it was time to share the gifts with our birthmother, the birth grandmother, and the birth great-grandmother. I figured it was the least I could do since I am constantly thinking of each of them daily and wanted to show them a little love.

We got our birthmother a bracelet with a charm with the word hero, which is the first word I think of when I think of her. Hero: a person who unselfishly puts someone else’s needs and wants before theirs. Evie is first in all of our thoughts. Our birthmother is not thinking of herself, which is our go to as humans. She is thinking of sweet Evie and us. Yes, us. She knows that she is literally making us parents. Something that hasn’t happened for us without her willingness to let us parent sweet Evie. This is beyond comprehension. I am a mess when  I start thinking about this concept. Once again, only a Mighty God could do something this legit. Only Him.

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We went shopping after we shared gifts, just a way to get to know each other and spend some time together. While we were shopping, our birthmother got a call from the doctor’s office. They explained to her that they  would not be performing an ultrasound  in the morning at her appointment. We were super confused because the doctor’s office already told her that we would get to have it. I started texting my prayer warriors. This was the BIG reason why we made the trip, other than to get to hang with the birth family. We decided to just wait and see and possibly work something else out later.

After we finished shopping and hanging out, all the family was coming over to Grammie’s house for dinner. To enjoy chicken spaghetti. Dru was probably the most excited out of everyone. It was absolutely delicious. As everyone arrived, we all gave hugs and introduced ourselves. We sat around and talked about the story of how all of this happened. There were parts that some didn’t know so we all took turns adding in. We laughed, I cried. Then, out came the guitar.

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Jesus was there, friends. In the singing, talking, playing, and laughing. Down to the fact that our birthmother can carry a tune. It’s just like Jesus kept adding favor in the story. Over and over again. He just kept going…..

He didn’t stop, Guess what.. He never does.

The next morning, we headed to the regular appointment and then found out that the ultrasound appointment had been scheduled for that afternoon at 2:00. The Lord had gone before us like He always does. We were going to get to see our baby that day! Nothing could have prepared me for the emotions that were coming. 

After waiting around, the time was finally here. We were headed the ultrasound appointment.  Our birthmother, her mother, her aunt, and us. Yes, all of us went. The bond that we all have because of this one little life. She has brought two families together forever. We walked in and the sweet tech told us that we couldn’t video, cue sadness all around. Then we told her the story and we about brought her to tears. She was overwhelmed as we were in this precious moment. {and I might have gotten a few extra ultrasound pictures…just maybe}

This was not just a regular ultrasound, this was the anatomy scan. So, not only did we get to see the baby, we got to watch the tech measure her little body. Her little fingers and toes being counted. It was beautiful. A few minutes into the ultrasound, she starts typing.. “It’s A …” … The tech was like so are y’all ready… and then we all waited, complete silence…. IT’S A GIRL!!! We all screamed and yelled and then our birthmother’s aunt said, “There’s little Evie Rose!!” {I’m crying now as I type this}

The flood of emotion that came over us is indescribable. I literally don’t have the words. I just paused for 30 seconds and couldn’t write anything. We just stood there and watched her move. Her move, our Evie Rose, move around. Knowing that she was a she had changed everything. It made everything so real. We are going to be a parents to a baby girl.

And not just any girl, this baby girl. 

That night we went over to some family friends’ house and ate dinner for New Year’s Eve. We met even more friends and family. We played games, laughed, and had fun. This was to be our last night with our precious birth family before Evie made her debut in April/May. Later on, we said our *tearful* goodbyes and went to visit our birthmother’s uncle’s church. It is an ARC church and we were pumped to be able to check it out! So blessed by His love for God and the people of their city. He blessed us tremendously.

The morning came and we headed to Rockford to visit our best friends! Yeah, just another piece of the puzzle that didn’t go unnoticed by our God. Not only did we get to meet our birth family, see our baby girl, spend tons of time together…. we got to see our friends. Even if it was less than 24 hours with them, it was worth it. These friends have been through it all with us… the dating, the marriage, and now the babies. We love them and their kiddos.


So, that’s it. That’s how sweet baby girl got to us. And just think, it’s just the beginning, not the end. It’s the beginning of a new life… Sweet Evie’s life. The Lord is forever faithful, friends. If you find yourself wondering if He is really there with you, I can tell you, He is. He is right there beside you. Hearing every cry, every hurt, every silly thing someone says, every desire, and every prayer. Lean into Him. He with never leave you or forsake you.

Much love,



  1. Love this update girl! So so so awesome! God is SO good!

  2. Congrats to you guys! I started following your blog last year when my husband and I began our adoption journey! Thanks so much for sharing your story 🙂

  3. praise His holy name!!

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