baby b is coming {part 2}

I got y’all on the to be continued, didn’t I? ….. I need to confess, I had a little bit too much fun doing that. But, as promised, I will continue this amazing and beautiful story of how Evie is getting to us.

After we chatted with our birthmother, her mother, and her grandmother we needed to make plans to get together with our social worker. That Saturday {Dec. 13, 2014}, our social worker, graciously let us ask her a gazillion questions. Here is what we learned: in Illinois the law is that our birthmother can sign her papers three days after the baby is born, then we must wait 7 to 10 days after that for all the legal stuff to get taken care of in both states. We wanted to know this info so we could go back to the birth family and explain what the process might look like. So… that’s what we did, we FaceTimed again on Dec. 15, 2014 to discuss the ultrasound and the things we learned from our social worker…. little did we know that this conversation was going to bring me to complete amazement and awe of our God, yet again. 

We began chatting about everyone’s day and how everyone was doing… and then we began discussing the possibly of the ultrasound. Our birthmother said she would call her doctor in the morning to see if she could schedule an appointment for the week after Christmas, because we explained that was the only time we could be away from our jobs before the baby was born. Then… her precious grandmother, who is a little feisty, which I LOVE, turned the iPad towards herself and said… “Now I know we are all beating around the bush, but what do y’all think? Are y’all in?” …. We, of course, said “YES! We are!” and then… I’ll never forget…. our birthmother said.. “Well, this is your baby…. Y’all are gonna be parents!!” {Yes! Friends, that happened!} We all preceded to cry, except Dru, bless him.. all those women around him. Poor thing!}

Oh and that’s not it. Not only do we have a relationship with our birth family, not only have we gotten to talk to them, not only are we going to see them, not only are we getting to go to the ultrasound, not only are we finding out the sex….. WE WILL GET TO BE IN THE DELIVERY ROOM… I will get Evie as soon as she’s born and Dru will get to cut the umbilical cord…. YES! You read that right! Our God goes above and beyond our dreams. ABOVE and BEYOND.

In that moment, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that we were talking about a baby, our baby.. about what was TO COME. A baby, a precious baby, that we would get to love, guide, and nurture forever. And not because we decided….. But because God decided. He saw fit to grant us this desire, in this way, not any other way, but His way, if you will… Plan A! This could not have been done or orchestrated by human minds and hearts. This is the work of an Almighty God.

The next morning, our precious birthmother, sent me a text saying that she had good news and that she would call me after I got out of school…. I said… Umm… I can’t handle it, please tell me now! She had called and made an appointment for Dec. 31st and we would get to find out the sex of the baby too!! I was literally shaking with excitement and expectancy of what was coming.

That night we began calling Dru’s family and letting them know the amazing news. It was so fun telling them the news. I also was able to tell my side of the family with gifts, which is another huge blessing from the Lord. I didn’t think I would get to surprise my family with the news. And to be able to do it at Christmas time was just too much. It was the best ever.

I want to make it clear that this is not normally how adoption stories go down. This was specifically written out for Dru, Evie, me, and our precious birth family. This story could not have been written any better by me or anyone else. God knew what we needed and wanted and what would be perfect for our family. And that’s what He gave us.

I still can’t believe we are getting to experience the parts of the journey to our baby that we didn’t think we would get to experience because we are growing our family through adoption. But Jesus, friends, Jesus makes all things new and allows us to experience the best. He just gives and gives.

Part 3 coming soon…


  1. Love Love Love! The Lord’s goodness is just written all over this story!

  2. Re Re Machen says:

    Just love hearing your story and how Jesus works and never lets us down if we we just trust in him always.

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