baby b is coming {part 1}

Hi sweet friends and family!
I am going to share how our adoption of sweet baby Evie Rose unfolded in 3 parts {maybe more} here on the ol’ bloggy blog because the story is just too great, plus I’ve gotten many-an-emails and texts and calls wanting to know what in the world happened!
I WANT TO SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS WHAT MY GOD HAS DONE!!! Our God is for us, friends!} Prepare yourself for God’s awesomeness!
All of you know because of my last post that November was a not-so-great month for me. If we are being really honest, I’ve had it bad since August. I was just in a rut and felt like I was constantly trying to get out of it. Well, little did I know, there was lots going on in the heavenlies. I was fighting for my baby girl. The Lord was laying my name on friends and family’s hearts because our precious birthmother and sweet baby girl needed us. She needed to be held. She needed to be held in the safest arms. The arms of her Heavenly Father through prayers.
When I posted the end was near in my last post, the end really was near, like next week near.
On December 3rd, a friend of mine contacted me. She told me that her pastors explained that their pastor friends’ daughter {it was actually their niece} was expecting. Our friend said that she and her husband were not ready, but that she had some friends that might be. {That was us!} We chatted for a little bit and I said I would talk with Dru. We talked the next night and we were like… hey why  not. Let’s send it! It definitely wouldn’t hurt anything at this point.
{Side-note: The friend that contacted me and I have kept up with each other on Facebook, but had not really talked in about 6 years. Her family moved to the city we lived in 6 years ago for a very short period of time, that’s why and how we met. If her family wouldn’t have moved at that very specific time, then we would not know our Evie right now. Amazing, just amazing.}
On December 10th, I got an email from our birthmother’s grandmother, which said that her granddaughter loved our profile and wanted to talk with us. She also explained that she wanted to place her baby with Christian family that loves life. The email also included her cell number and asked if we would want to chat. I immediately sent Dru an email, asked when he could talk and he said that same night at 9! And that was that!! We emailed a couple more times and eventually decided to FaceTime…hey.. why not?
Before we started chatting on FaceTime, I  was more nervous than I’ve ever been in my whole life. Am I really about to meet the woman that is going to willingly give me her baby to parent him or her? Is she going to like me? What does she like to do? What color hair does she have? Those were just a few questions going through my head. There were definitely more, I promise. How could there not be? Little did I know, this was the beginning of something that is just so beautiful, just too beautiful for words.
Then it was time. It was 9 and we were about to meet her. The woman WE {each of you} had been praying for for well over a year, but didn’t know her name. Then all the sudden there they were. The family that was going to make us parents. Something we’ve waited for for almost 7 years. The joy was evident in the room. And let me tell you. Jesus was there. His presence was heavy and tangible. It was surreal, beautiful, and lovely all at once.
While we were chatting, I felt peace and joy like I’ve never felt. I felt like I had known her forever. We talked about how in the world we all got connected and about our profile. One of the things our birthmother’s grandmother said rocked me. She said that our birthmother didn’t even look pregnant until she looked at our profile a couple of days ago. I just kept thinking… is this really happening.. is this really happening….. Then our birthmother stood up and showed us her growing belly. Yep, it was a moment that I’ll never forget.
Our precious birthmother also explained to us that she didn’t know the sex of the baby yet and that she wanted US TO COME TO THE ULTRASOUND to find out!!!!! She wants us to come see her, she wants us to be apart of their family. She wants us to parent the baby growing inside of her.… But, wait. There’s more.
Towards the end of the conversation, I asked if they wanted to see the nursery and of course, they were delighted to get to see it.  Then we started talking about the sex of the baby. They all agreed with me that it was a boy. Everyone got teary eyed for the 10,000th time in the conversation. Imagine that. 
At the end of our conversation, I’ll never forget her words… our birthmother said that she was confident that this is what she wanted. Friends, she had just met us an hour earlier. I just knew, this is the beginning of something only our God could orchestrate. Only He could have seen all of this 6 years ago, actually even before time began. He knew. He knew that Evie was ours and that this family was ours and we were theirs. We are a family.
to be continued…. 


  1. I just cant wait to read the rest!!!

  2. Ahh, don’t stop now!! 🙂

  3. Imo Holstick says:

    This brought so many tears to my eyes. Tears of joy for you and Dru. I am sooooo happy for you all!

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