he remembers me


I try so very hard to be real with you guys, but also encouraging while we are on this journey to our baby. I need to tell you that I have been battling something fierce these last two weeks. I told my husb last week that I feel that there is a war going on and that I feel a movement in the heavens. {spiritual warfare, that is} I told him that I feel like I just need to sit down. Be still, the Lord said. No, that doesn’t always to literally be still, but sometimes it does. I feel the spirit of God moving. He is making a way, friends! Making a way for our baby to get into our arms. Our ever-so-ready arms. I feel a discontent and a disconnect from the everyday… when this happens, I know there is a shift. A shift in our life is coming. Maybe not tomorrow, but it’s coming.

I let a few of my prayer warriors know I needed them about two days ago. I knew these women would get on their knees for me. I knew that the Lord would hear our cry and come. He did. The fog has been lifted. I am seeing clearly again. On my way home today from Target {where else?}, I turned down our road {side-note: it’s been thunderstormin’ all day} and I looked into the sky and saw a break in the storm. I could see the end of the storm cloud and the sun shining on the horizon. Jesus gently spoke to my heart.. He said, the end is near. hold on. 

I hope this encourages you, wherever you are, whatever you are experiencing today. He has not forgotten you. Draw near. He is waiting with open arms.

He hears us! He remembers us! He loves us! Call on Him now!




  1. Amen!! Praying for you too sugars!! Xo

  2. Yes! So glad He hasn’t forgotten you or me!

  3. We just finalized our adoption December 15. We were placed April 14, got the call February 24. We had that feeling that the end was near as well in January. One day I mentioned it to my husband and he said he felt it too. What a beautiful feeling! Your post took me back to that feeling one year ago. It is totally a feeling of hope and scared to death! Whatever you feel is completely normal. One thing I learned in this is that everyone gets a child if they wait for it.

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