Raising Up One {Q & A}

We are super blessed to be Raising Up One‘s feature family for the month of July! I have been so blessed by Marissa and her willingness to help us raise funds to bring our sweet baby home.

I wanted to answer some questions I’ve been asked, because I bet more of you guys are wondering the same thing. {Remember, there are no silly questions!} :))

Please feel free to ask questions by email or just comment on this post. I’m happy to answer them and if I do not know the answer, I’ll find out.

What exactly does “feature family” mean? 

For the whole month of July, Raising Up One will be fundraising for our adoption. ALL purchases you make on the Raising Up One website, donations you make on our You Caring website, and any purchases made during the Insta-Auction will go directly to our adoption fund. 

What can I purchase on the Raising Up One website? 

Click here and check out all the cool merchandise they have available! 

If I make a donation on You Caring, will our name be written on a puzzle piece?

Most definitely!! 🙂 

When is the Insta-Auction? 

I will post on Cheers to Plan A, Twitter, and Instagram when the auction goes live. You need to go ahead and follow Raising Up One on Twitter and Instagram so you can see when all the goodies go up! 🙂 

Why are you guys doing another fundraiser? 

Well, we still have about $10,000 to raise before we reach the fully-funded status. We were given information that our adoption would cost $22,500, so we are working to reach that number. We are going to work our booties off, so nothing stands in our way when we get THE CALL.

Have y’all been matched with a birthmother yet? 

No we haven’t, but please continue to pray. Hopefully it’s around the corner! 🙂 

Well, I’ve tried to answer all the questions I’ve been asked… PLEASE do not hesitate to ask more! 🙂

So much love to each of you. We are continually amazed at the journey the Lord has us on. We CAN NOT WAIT to share pictures of our little one and how he or she came to us when that time comes. What an honor! 🙂



  1. Great to see a post from you! I got an idea this morning about your fundraiser so emailing you now!

  2. Yay! Continuing to pray that the right birth mom comes your way. God is so faithful in the wait! ❤

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