So how’s the adoption going?

I have gotten this question a good bit and it just warms my heart each time someone asks me. I think some friends and family have been nervous to talk about our adoption or ask us questions.

PLEASE do not be scared or nervous to ask us!


I will say this…. the answer will most likely be “Well, we are just waiting and praying” and that’s because that is really what’s going on 🙂 We don’t know something, until we know something. 

This process is super interesting and different than the “there’s a baby in my belly and the due date is ______!!!” And I know that makes it sorta different and confusing for those around us that don’t want to make us sad or don’t really know what to say. All of that to say, if you have a question… Ask us. We are blessed that you care to ask 🙂

What’s going on?

I will give you an update to hopefully catch everyone up on where we are in our journey to our baby.

There have been two birthmothers to look at our profile, but we were not chosen to parent either of the babies. While this was difficult, I am leaning on the fact that God has our baby for us and that baby will get to us in His perfect timing. Obviously, I wanted that to be yesterday…. Once again, release your control, Kailey. I want the BEST plan, which is God’s plan. He promises me that, and in Him is where my faith lies.

As always, I am super thankful for the text messages, emails and calls I receive on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. You have no idea how much all of this love and support means to us. It means the world and we are forever in debt to each of you.

Much love,




  1. I’m so happy to hear an update from you Kailey! You’ve been in my prayers! I can’t imagine anyone passing you up because I just know you’ll be the very best, but I just know that God already has the baby picked out just for you like you said! I can’t wait!

  2. Any birth mother would be blessed to have y’all parent their child. I love your faith!

  3. colourherhope says:

    I’m so glad you wrote. It’s sad because I actually have been that person who is afraid to ask how it’s going… I’m so sorry, Kailey!

    I remember when we lost Eisley and the months to follow, it’s all I really wanted people to ask. To know people still care!

    You guys are on our prayer list! That had to be painful to not be chosen. You are so right though, HE knows which little one is yours.

    Much love! Standing with you from afar in belief and hope for your little one.

  4. colourherhope says:

    Hey Kailey!

    (Sorry if this is a double comment – I tried via pinterest on my phone and it didn’t show it went through… but i want to be sure you get a comment from me :))

    I feel sad and convicted because that is so me… I’ve been one afraid to ask how the adoption is going. I am so sorry, friend. I remember when we lost Eisley, and the months that followed, all I wanted was for people to ask. It helps to know people are standing with you and that people care, even when emotions and feelings and things may not have changed much. Just knowing people are standing with you really does help!

    We are praying for you guys and I mean that – you’re a part of our family prayer list. I am sorry you guys weren’t chosen with the 2 birth mommas. That had to be so painful…

    We are standing with you in hope and belief that HE has the perfect little one specifically for your family.

    Love ya!

  5. Yes!!!! I know your baby has already been appointed and chosen!!! Excited!

  6. Waiting and praying … Two common words and actions in this journey! Lifting you guys up and sending love always!!

  7. daisyrhonda says:

    I feel like I could have written this post myself! Sometimes it feels like people are afraid to ask questions, and I do appreciate sensitivity, but to me every time someone asks just shows they care! And God’s plan is the best plan, and ultimately we want what He wants, right?! 🙂

  8. I have your blog along the top of my internet favorites bar thing- but i rarely get on my computer anymore. SO how happy was I to see this, because I think about y’all a lot!

    Your baby is coming and that is what is exciting! In His time. 🙂

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