bring on the oils!

I’m on the bandwagon I guess you could say. Say what you will, this stuff is legit. I am super pumped to have access to these unbelievable oils that have changed how I view staying healthy. I will share one thing, along with other changes that I’ve made, that have helped me stay sinus infection free …. Seriously. Awesome. No more daily allergy medicine for me. Aw yeah.

Don’t fret, I will not be posting a lot of YL posts on here, I just wanted to let you sweet peeps that read on my lil blog know that I would be happy to put in an order for you or tell you how it’s helped me. Feel free to email me 🙂

Much love  — Have a great night 🙂



  1. so fun!! I’m going to an EO party in two weekends 🙂

  2. Imo Holstick says:

    Ok you have me convinced. I’m in. My allergies are killing me!

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