prayers for you

We were blessed last week to join other adoptive families in a seminar that Lifeline hosts to educate families on {open} adoptions. A birthmother shared her testimony & some wisdom on how to pray for our birthmother.

If our birthmother reads this, I want her to know the very specific things that we are praying, but I also want my friends and family to know how to pray for this very very special woman.

*Pray that she would be in the right place at the right time.

*Pray for her wellbeing and safety.

*Pray that she would know God’s unconditional love for her and her baby.

*Pray for her salvation.

*Pray that she follows God’s will.

*Pray that God would give her peace that passes all understanding.

*Pray that the Lord would surround her with an amazing support system.

*Pray for the pregnancy and delivery.

*Pray that she would make the perfect decision for her and her baby’s future.

*Pray for her after the placement takes place.

*Pray that she would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are the right adoptive family for her baby.

*Pray that she would grow in her faith and achieve the goals that she has for her life.

*Pray for her future family.

I love our birthmother even though I haven’t met her. She is going to trust us to raise, encourage, discipline, and smother with love her child she is placing with us. I feel like I am constantly praying for her, like every breath I take, I am lifting her up. I can’t imagine the sacrifices she is making daily to bring this child into the world. Just know, sweet birthmother, that you are loved more each day and you are in our prayers.




  1. How sweet! I am praying for her…and for you two!

  2. so sweet!!! xoxo

  3. You’ve got the most precious heart, Kailey. I love it.

  4. Wonderful prayers. God is already working on her life.

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