2013, thank you.

2013 thank you

I saw this quote the other day on pinterest and thought… well that pretty much sums up the last five years of my life.

I am definitely grateful for 2013, but it has been the most difficult, stretching, challenging, yet, satisfying years in all my twenty-seven years.

I began this year 30 pounds heavier, literally and physically. We went through many procedures, it was the hardest three months I’ve endured in our journey to become parents. It was full of hope, yet, brought us to tears every month we found out I was not expecting. Little did we know, it would launch us into the greatest journey of our lives.

Adoption ::: the way our family is growing into three. 

The Lord knew. He knew all along that this was our journey, but to grow me, I believe, the Lord allowed the series of events to take place last spring. The Lord surrounded me during that season with the sweetest, most precious friends. I am in debt to them forever. They walked every step with me. Sometimes, I literally think their prayers were helping me get through each day.

After our last procedure, I was asked some very tough questions by the only person in the world that could ask the questions she did. I believe with all my heart that Dru and I would not be on the path towards our baby, without this particular conversation. I am forever grateful that this person heeded the conviction of the Holy Spirit and acted on it.

The summer was spent with Jesus. He showed me who I am in Him. He showed me that His plan is the best. And most of all, He gave me peace… Not just any peace, peace that passes all understanding. {The understanding that my plans are not the best, end of story. And I must be okay with that, so I can experience the best plan the God has for our family.}

Now, here we are. We are literally waiting on our baby. The Lord can only do this, friends.

He is faithful.

Happy New Year, friends.

Meet with Jesus. Get in relationship with Him. He longs for you to love Him and trust Him.

Love each of you!



  1. I got chills reading this entry! Filled with so much goodness and wisdom! Thanks for sharing! Cheers to 2014 and your baby B!!

  2. This is such good stuff!!! Our waiting room is God’s working room!!! Love you girly!

  3. I love the quote you posted… It’s so true! I love your outlook, and I have loved going through older posts and reading your story. Thank you for sharing your heart, your journey, and your faith!

    • Thank you so much for reading our story! We are blessed to be able to grow our family through adoption and are so excited the journey. Thanks again! Much love, Logan! 🙂

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