My very first blog award

my very first blog award

Thank you to my sweet friend, Kristen, over at Adoption Love for nominating me for the Sunshine Award. What an honor!

Here are the rules: 

1. Proudly post your sunshiney new award.

2. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you

3. Nominate 11 wonderful bloggers.

4. Write 11 questions for them to answer.

5. Let the nominated blogger know you have nominated them.

Here are Kristen’s questions for me:

1. What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
Communication is the key to life. – My Dad
2. What is your first childhood memory?
I remember going to Ms. Height’s kindergarden classroom and crying my eyes out. I didn’t want my parents to leave me! 🙁
3. If you could choose another time in history to live, when would it be?
I guess it would have to be in Jesus’s time. My gosh, that would be ah-mazing!
4. What’s the last book you read and what was it about?
Supernatural Childbirth – it’s all about speaking truth and the Word of God over your body.
5. How did you meet your significant other?
We met at church. I was a senior in high school and he was an intern at the church. The romance didn’t start until I returned from YWAM after graduating high school.
6. What’s the best way to get on your good side?
Go get coffee with me and chat about Jesus, teaching, or babies. Annnnnd… you can always buy me a surprise. HA!
7. What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning?
Sleep in, drink a cup {or four} of coffee, read my devo, and watch food network. {in that order.}
8. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Australia. Accents. Boom.
9. What has been your favorite “adoption moment” so far?
I would have to say shipping off our fingerprints because at that moment it felt like we were actually doing this. Also, I have loved hearing stories of how couples who have adopted. People are coming out of nowhere telling me that they were adopted or they have a friend… ya know how that goes. Love it.
10. What would your family pet say to you if they could talk?
I do not like animals. Yeah, yeah, I’m a horrible person.
11. What is the airspeed velocity of a laden swallow?
I have no idea what you are talking about 🙂
Here are the blogs that I am nominating:
My questions for y’all…
1. What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on?
2. What is your favorite Bible verse/quote?
3. Share two lessons that you’ve learned in your life.
4. What is your profession? Do you love it?
5. What is your favorite sport to watch?
6. What are your thoughts on leggings as pants?
7. If you could have a practical car and a fun car, what would they be?
8. If you had 1 million dollars, what would you do with it? {Be specific and taxes have already been taken out!!!}
9. If you could have breakfast with anyone in the world {dead or alive} who would it be?
10. Do you play any instruments, if so, which one?
11. Chocolate or vanilla?
I am so excited to read your answers. Much love to each of you! Happy Saturday!


  1. Love to hear about your favorite adoption moment, too sweet xoxo Thanks for the nomination girl! Love you!

  2. Congrats of the blog award! Kristen nominated me, too, so it was neat reading your answers since I’ve answered the same ones. I love your answer to number 8! Haha, I’ve changed my mind – I’m moving to Australia, too!

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination. I already did a sunshine award post recently but I appreciate you thinking of me. BTW…I hope you don’t mind, I added your link to my blog love page. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

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