Laughter abounds.

Last night was our 2nd home-study … & entertaining it was.

We went over the checklist of things our social worker needed from us, which was surprisingly short 🙂

This home-study includes individual interviews. During the interviews, the other person is cannot say a word. So during Dru’s interview, I couldn’t talk. Longest I think I’ve ever been without talking. I was dying laughing at him answer his questions. He is always making me laugh and lightening the mood. It was a good time.

Oh yeah, and you know how I said we were waiting on our fingerprints… Our social worker was like… “So y’all’s fingerprints are in!” And we were all like “Really… Ohhh.. We thought those were the criminal background checks..” Oops.

Hilarious. So for literally almost a week they’ve been siting on our kitchen table and I’ve been talking to everyone about them coming in… Good gracious, Kailey. Get it together.

So if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen this list, so sorry.

Things to do to wait:
1. Get physicals.
2. Create profile. {what the birthmothers will look to choose our family}
3. Adoption pics. {Dec. 7}
4. Home-study #3
5. Open adoption meeting {Jan. 25th}

A very short list. Let’s do this.

{Side-note: I keep daydreaming about snuggling with my sweet baby that is getting to us via a woman that is beyond selfless. She is allowing us to become parents by giving us her most precious blessing.}

Wow. Just love. Have a blessed time with friends and family. Love each of you.


  1. Wahoo girl!!! Love it!!!! Love you!

  2. How exciting!! I am enjoying witnessing this journey you are on. Can’t wait to hear how the pictures go.

  3. What an amazing feeling…and such a short checklist away.

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