He not only forgave us, He adopted us!

When we come to Christ, God not only forgives us, he also adopts us! It would be enough if God just cleansed your name, but he does more. He gives you his name. It would be enough if God just set you free, but he does more. He takes you home.

Adoptive parents understand this more than anyone. We biological parents know well the earnest longing to have a child. But in many cases our cribs were filled easily. We decided to have a child and a child came. In fact sometimes the child came with no decision. I’ve heard of unplanned pregnancies, but I’ve never heard of an unplanned adoption.

If anybody understands God’s ardor for his children, it’s someone who has rescued an orphan from despair, for that is what God has done for us. God sought you, found you, signed the papers and took you home! 

-Max Lucado
**My Dad sent this to me a couple of weeks ago. Of course, as I was reading it, I just started bawling my eyes out. I love these words. Adoption is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m honored that God has allowed me to be on this journey.**


  1. What a great quote! Im so thankful for adoption and its the sweetest that your Dad sent this to you! Love it!!

  2. Yes ma’am!! Romans 8:15!!!!

  3. Wow, the priest at our church this weekend talked about this same exact thing. About how God adopted all of us! 🙂

    I guess as an adopted child, I’m doubly lucky!

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