Things for Baby

It has started, friends.

I am resisting the temptation to pick up a little something for our baby every time I’m in Target… wait… I am totally not resisting the temptation. I am loving it and not apologizing for it. I have waited a long time to buy for our sweet baby and it’s finally time. This is the first of many posts of ‘things for baby’. Prepare yourself.

Here’s a gander at some sweet little outfits I’ve gotten, plus some wash clothes. Since we didn’t specify the sex of our child, I’m buying gender neutral clothing. The books are my Dad’s from when he was little. I can’t wait to place them in their perfect place in the baby’s nursery. And, this post would not be complete without a diaper picture. Apparently we can’t have enough diapers. I will be buying them when they are on sale, ya know, just to be prepared. Well there you have it. Things for baby, take one.

Have a great night šŸ™‚







  1. Adoption Love says:

    Love Dr. Seuss!!

  2. so sweet! I love that you are prepping for this baby!! Thank you Jesus!

  3. Do it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! A girlfriend of mine bought diapers in all sizes while on sale when prepping for their baby. Things are getting exciting!

  4. So precious! Love that this baby is so loved, adored and cared for already!

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