Home-study #1

{Better late than never.}

I feel like the adoption process has officially started even though we turned in our application at the end of September. Our first home-study went fabulously. I mean, seriously, so much fun and not at all how the movies or things you’ve heard make it sound. Ha!

Once again, I’m amazed at how the Lord is showing Himself so evident in the midst of this process. I haven’t felt this much peace about the steps we are taking right now right now in the past five years.

The first home-study consists of our 1st payment towards the adoption, more questions related to our relationship, & turned in our paperwork 🙂 {I’ve heard horror stories about the paperwork, but it was/is really not that bad, which I’m grateful for.}

We also got our fingerprints taken care of. That’s one of the major legal things that has to take place in the adoption process. It’s was a very intimating for me. I don’t like dealing with legal scary stuff. I know, weird.

One step closer to our baby.

Much love.