{the blog title}

I have been asked how I came up with the title of my blog and what’s the meaning behind it.

I am so excited to share what it means to me.

One of my dear friends, who adopted their first child almost 6 years ago, mentioned the phrase, “Plan A” a couple of months ago while we were texting. She has been a huge encourager and someone that I can talk to about the ups and downs of this journey. She understands all of the emotions and decisions {amongst other things} that we have experienced over the past five years.

One day we were texting back and forth… She said something along these lines: “Sometimes you have to give up your Plan A for God’s plan. It will be better than anything you could even imagine.”

It got me thinking about “Plan A” and what that means. I mentioned it to my sister once we started talking about adoption, my sis brought it up again, made this mug, and the blog title was born. {shout out to my sis, Lauren! You are legit.}

Let me make it known that this was not our Plan A, but it was certainly God’s. This was how we were going to grow our family from the very beginning of time. Whoa. Stop and think about that for a sec.

We have certainly had an interesting journey getting to this point and to be honest, I wouldn’t change it. I would not be the woman that I am today if it weren’t for all the tears, screaming, praying, kneeling, pleading, pacing, {& maybe a little throwing}. All of that helped us get here, to this point in our journey, to solely depend on Him. We are definitely at the end of ourselves and I think that’s the best place we could possibly be.

He promises that…”in all things God works for the good of those who love Him…” {Romans 8:28} Annnnnd I’m pretty sure He is. Adoption? Good?? Umm…. Most definitely!!

To just think about how since the beginning of time, the Lord knew my baby would grow in someone else’s tummy. Our God is greater. He is bigger and more wonderful than our minds can even fathom. I mean, really? All of this, to give me the desires of my heart. I’m one blessed woman. And I can’t wait to tell my child/children how much God loves him or her and how He brought he or she to Dru and me.

Much love to each of you. Thanks for caring & reading 🙂

the blog title


To say that our meeting with our social worker went well, is a total understatement. It was fabulous. She basically gave us an abbreviated overview of what the whole process looks like from now to when our baby is in our arms. Since I’ve talked to friends over the last couple of weeks, I feel like I had a pretty good idea of what’s coming, but there are certainly decisions that we have to make that I wasn’t aware of. It’s all good my friends. So good.

On Tuesday, we received our manual via email. If you’re wondering what it is like… just imagine going to class the first day of your college career and the professor putting a 100 page syllabus in front of you. Ha! Yes, it’s that long, but it just breaks down each homestudy and its requirements. {Definitely the greatest syllabus I’ve every gotten!}

What’s next, you ask?

We are in the process of gathering all of the paperwork for our first homestudy.. {Eeeek!!}  We are still discussing when this will actually happen because of schedules. Other than that, we are waiting to get our fingerprinting info in the mail. That’s the part of the process that supposedly takes the longest. We shall see.

I am fully aware that God is in control. I have relied on Him until now and I am soooo not going to stop now. Our miracle is just around the corner and I am just giddy with excitement and expectancy.

Our God is good, people.

The picture below pretty much puts a huge smile on my face.

Word to the wise….if you want to adopt at some point, go ahead and organize ALL of your legal documents in a container like this one. It will save you hours and hours.

As always, thanks for reading 🙂

Much love!